Here goes nuthin….

This is my first post on what may or may not prove to be a fun new adventure for me. I have been contemplating starting some sort of online journal or blog for a while, as Facebook is a really terrible place to vomit all your thoughts. I am terrible at keeping a journal. Even those one-sentence “gratitude” things–they just sort of piss me off. Not the attitude you want to approach your writing exercises with….

So, I am hoping that, with the possibility of others reading things I put up, I’ll feel some sort of obligation to produce, and at least nominally edit, the thoughts that spin through my brain continuously. Seriously, this thing never shuts up. Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, sleep– these are such challenges that they often require fierce concentration and/or medication, kind of defeating to purpose. So maybe, if I can pull some of the noise out and put it somewhere else, there will be a slowing of the grinding gears…

Full disclosure for anyone coming upon this who doesn’t know me– I am crass, I swear, and I have strongly-held opinions about certain things that are likely to piss some people off. I don’t really care. This space is like my living room. If you come over and I’m talking shit and you don’t like it, you would probably just make your excuses and leave. You wouldn’t stop to tell me what an asshole I am first (unless, of course, I was some kind of racist scumbag advocating genocide.) So use the same judgement here. Don’t like what you read? Please excuse yourself from my living room.

Thanks for humoring me. I hope you stick around and see what happens here. I know I’m curious!


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