The holiday season came up fast, and with it my birthday, and my son’s. I have been swimming in preparations for a trip my kids are taking with their father across the country in a couple of days, to spend Christmas with his family. I haven’t been good about sticking to my blog schedule, and tonight this is catching up with me. To be blunt, I find it biting me squarely on the ass.
I have a story to tell. I have had an eventful few days, and I have things to say, but they will have to wait. Not for long, mind, but at least until Tuesday, when I can guarantee some uninterrupted time to think and write and give my words space to breathe. Everything is in the pot, and it’s bubbling away, but the soup isn’t ready yet. The beans are still too hard.
So I will be posting late this week; though I know there isn’t really a “schedule” per se, there is one in my brain, and I’m blowing by my deadline tonight. I’ll be back later in the week. Hope you will be too.


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